Please email with any questions.
Can I apply if I don't have a Bachelor's degree?
VIPKID is very strict on candidates’ education level and requires candidates to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. We require this because our customers care about our teacher’s education level. They look for VIPKID because they trust we have candidates that meet their criteria. VIPKID cannot offer one thing to customers and make exceptions to candidates who do not have a Bachelor’s degree. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applicants without a college degree.
Where do I have to live in to be eligible to work for VIPKID?
Even though our platform enables remote work, it is only stable in a few parts of the world. As of now, we can only work with teachers who are located in the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, East and Southeast Asia. As soon as we are able to have a more stable connection in other parts of the world, we will update this FAQ.
What is the recruitment & hiring process like?
Applicants pass through five stages before becoming VIPKID teachers

1. Interview + demo class

2. Sign contract and send us required materials

3. Teacher training

4. Teaching practicum

5. Full-fledged VIPKID teacher


Interview + Demo Lesson

Submit Documents (up to 3 days)

Training (up to 3 days)

Practicum (up to 6 days)

Full-Fledged VIPKID Teacher

I cannot sign up on the website! What should I do?
Here are some things you can try

1. Refresh the page

2. Clear your web browser cache.

3. Switch browsers. Our website should work optimally on Chrome, but it can be picky. Try with other browsers.

4. Try to connect to the internet from another server or another computer.

5. Try to connect to the internet from another server or another computer.

This problem does not happen very often. VIPKID gets many resumes a day, so the website does work. In case you try all these options and still encounter problems, email us. Our email is 
There are no interview slots available. What should I do?
Interview slots are available 3 days in advance. In case you are unable to have your interview during the available times, check back on the following day at 10pm EST as more slots are added at that time. Since interview slots are limited, make sure you attend the interview you schedule.
How long is the contract for?
We require a 6-month minimum commitment from our candidates. The contract can be renewed.
The website is having some technical issues. What should I do?
Please take a screenshot of the problem you are having and send to contact@vipkid.us.
What equipment do I need?

1) A desktop or a laptop with a webcam (our platform does not work on phones or tablets yet).

2) A headset with microphone

3) Chrome browser

4) High-speed internet

Where does the interview happen?
The interview happens on our portal at t.vipkid.com.cn. After you book an interview, on the day of your interview, you can enter the classroom one hour before the interview to test your equipment before it starts. Make sure you test your equipment beforehand, as we are also evaluating your equipment to see if your internet connection is able to maintain a 30-min smooth connection with a server in China.
Why is the interview and demo so important?
The interview is very important as it, along with your qualifications, decides whether or not you will be accepted to work with VIPKID and it will determine your base pay.
Who will I teach in the demo lesson?
You will teach the interviewer who will be acting like a 5-year old with very limited knowledge of English. The interviewer might act like a misbehaving student who is not paying attention, but try to be cheerful and use your skills to make the student focus on your lesson again.
What am I going to be evaluated on in the demo lesson?
You will be evaluated on how well you are able to explain activities to a foundation level student, how you are able to elicit complete answers from the student, your ESL teaching skills and your time management. Also, be prepared for the slides as it is very obvious if you never looked at them and could result in disqualification in some cases.
Becoming a Teacher
How many students do I teach in each class?
All VIPKID classes are one-on-one to ensure we meet 100% of each student’s needs.
Do I need to prepare teaching materials?
No, VIPKID curriculum team has already designed materials for every class. However, teachers must prepare for class by reviewing the class materials beforehand. Teachers may preview class materials in the classroom on the teacher portal 6-12 hours in advance.
Do teachers need to communicate with parents?
No, VIPKID office staff will communicate with parents.
Do teachers always teach the same students?
No, teachers teach any student who books their class.
Do classes take place on Skype or another platform?
VIPKID has developed our own education platform to facilitate our one-on-one classes.
What does teaching with VIPKID look like?
Check out our , where current teachers share their experience. Here’s a short piece about Kate’s first day on the job.
What is the pay rate?
Pay is calculated on a per-class basis (scheduled in 30-minute slots) and is composed of a base pay between $7-9 + bonuses. Your base pay will be determined by your demo class performance, while bonuses by your monthly performance as a VIPKID teacher.
Pay Rate  Per 30-min Remarks
Base Pay  USD 7-9 This is decided based on your credentials and demo lesson performance.
Attendance bonus up to USD 1 This is based on showing up on time and teaching the lesson according to schedule.
Finished Class Bonus up to USD 1 This is based on the number of classes you finish in a month. We use this to assess your teaching quality. If more students continue to book with you, you are rewarded.
Total per 30-min USD 7-11
Total per 1 hour USD 14-22
Will teachers be paid for teacher training?
Yes, those who have successfully completed their contract will be paid $40 for their initial training.
How much tax do I have to pay?
VIPKID teachers are contractors and responsible for their own taxes. VIPKID does not withhold any taxes from the teacher’s monthly payment.
When and how will teachers be paid?
Teachers are paid through direct bank deposits between the 10th and 15th of each month.
When renewing a contract, can teachers qualify for a raise?
Teachers will be re-evaluated for a raise at the point of renewal.
How long is the contract? Can teachers take breaks during the contract?
VIPKID signs 6-month contracts with applicants who pass their interview/demo class. Teachers may take 2 non-consecutive weeks off as long as they inform VIPKID 2 weeks in advance each time.
How long is each class?
Each class is guaranteed 25 minutes of active teaching time. After that, teachers may take a few minutes to leave comments. The total time commitment is 30 minutes per class, not including preparation time. 3 minutes are allowed for possible tech problems before a class is cancelled.
How does scheduling work?
Teachers must enter their weekly availability one month in advance. Teachers’ weekly schedules are sent out each Saturday at 10AM Beijing time. Teachers can be booked for classes during the week, no less than 24 hours in advance. VIPKID encourages all teachers to check their emails and their schedule in the system daily.
What hours should teachers be available to teach?

VIPKID requires a minimum of 15 classes per week (7.5 hours) during peak hours. Peak hours refer to classes taught between 6-10pm Beijing timeevery evening, as well as 9-11am on Saturday and Sunday. This is the best time to be available as it drastically increases the likelihood of a class being booked by the student. Teachers control 100% of their schedule within this requirement.

Summer peak hours (for approximately July and August) will be: 9am-11am and 6pm-10pm Beijing time.

Is there a maximum number of hours a teacher could teach?
Aside from the 15 classes/week during peak time, VIPKID makes no limitation on how much a teacher teaches during peak and non-peak time. Teachers control 100% of their schedule. However, availability in non-peak times is mostly not used.
Teachers should also be advised that it can take up to a month to get a relatively steady stream of classes, as students and parents learn about and try new teachers. VIPKID makes no guarantee that a teacher will have a steady stream of classes.